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Dwight Eisenhower and the Concept of Unified Command

David Jablonsky

Edited by Ronald Radosh, Mary Habeck, and Grigory...

The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy

Allison Stanger

Sir John Franklin's Tragic Quest for the North West Passage

Andrew Lambert

Military History through the Eyes of the Masters

Theodore Rabb

With a New Preface

Jeffrey Herf

The End of the Myth

Robin Prior

Reconsidering Terrorism in American History

Michael Fellman

A New England Slave Boy and the American Revolution

Joyce Lee Malcolm

Coming Home After World War Two

Alan Allport

Counterinsurgency from the Civil War to Iraq

Mark Moyar; Foreword by Donald Kagan and Frederick Kagan...

The Life and Death of Joan of Arc

Larissa Juliet Taylor

The USA in Vietnam

Bernd Greiner; translated from the German by Anne Wyburd...

Death of a Superpower

Adrian Goldsworthy

America, Terrorism, and Moral Tradition

Mark Totten

Winning the British Civil Wars

Malcolm Wanklyn

Extending the Frontiers of Christendom

Jonathan Phillips