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The Royal Navy and the Age of Revolutions

James Davey

The Improbable Rise of the East India Company: 1550-1650

David Howarth

The Spanish Enterprise and England’s Deliverance in 1588

Colin Martin and Geoffrey Parker

The British Struggle Against Napoleonic Europe and America

Roger Knight

From Botany Bay to Kew, The Natural Historian Who Shaped the World

Toby Musgrave

The Common Seaman in the Heroic Age of Sail

Stephen Taylor

A Maritime History of World War II

Evan Mawdsley

Maritime Culture, Continental Empires and the Conflict That Made the Modern World

Andrew Lambert

A New History, from Vikings to Somali Raiders

Peter Lehr

From the Thirty Years' War to the Age of Revolutions

Gabriel Paquette

How the Sea Fed Civilization

Brian Fagan

London's Maritime World in the Age of Cook and Nelson

Margarette Lincoln

Art, Exploration and Empire

John McAleer and Nigel Rigby

The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars

James Davey

Indians and the Contest for the American Coast

Andrew Lipman

Unsung Heroes of the Age of Discovery

Harry Kelsey

Scientific Travellers from Dampier to Darwin

Glyn Williams

The Necessary Quarrel

James McDermott

Master of the Seas

Frank McLynn

Sir John Franklin's Tragic Quest for the North West Passage

Andrew Lambert