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Francesca Bray, Barbara Hahn, John Bosco Lourdusamy, and...

A Journey through Science and Politics

Paul R. Ehrlich

Wilderness as Image and Idea

Ben A. Minteer, Mark Klett, and Stephen J. Pyne; Foreword...

Settlement Patterns from the Neolithic to the Han Period

Hui Fang, Anne P. Underhill, Gary M. Feinman, Linda M....

Past, Present, and Future

W. Carter Johnson and Dennis H. Knight

The Global Struggle for Occupancy Rights

Jo Guldi

Hunger in the Early Northeast

Carla Cevasco

A History of America's Public Lands

John D. Leshy

A Political Ecology of China from the First Farmers to the First Empire

Brian Lander

A History of the Environmental Future

Michael Rawson

The Past, Present, and Precarious Future of the Earth Beneath Our Feet

Jo Handelsman; With Research and Creative Contributions by...

Medicine, Science, and Horticulture in Britain

Clare Hickman

Post-Neoliberal Utopias in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Japhy Wilson

A Natural and Unnatural History

Ruth Mostern; Maps and Infographics with the Assistance of...

Including the Jersey Shore, Cape May, Delaware Bay, the Delmarva Peninsula, and the Outer Banks

Patrick J. Lynch

How Humans Have Conquered the Planet and Can Also Save It

David Western

Getting Lost in America

Jon T. Coleman

The Emergence of Mountaineering in the Nineteenth Century

Caroline Schaumann

A Rural American History

Dan Allosso