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A Global History

Peter Burke

How Marketers Listen In to Exploit Your Feelings, Your Privacy, and Your Wallet

Joseph Turow

A History

Matthew Brown

A Portrait of Armistice Day, 11 November 1918

Guy Cuthbertson

The Story of a Family and a Lost Collection

Natalya Semenova; Translated by Arch Tait

Pagan Goddesses in Christian Europe: An Investigation

A Natural History of Fragrance

Elise Vernon Pearlstine; Illustrations by Lara Call...

Hunger in the Early Northeast

Carla Cevasco

The Churchyard that Shaped London

Margaret Willes

The Making of the World's Greatest City

Margarette Lincoln

A New History of London

Panikos Panayi

A History of the Unnatural Rhythms That Made Us Who We Are

David M. Henkin

Patriotism, Disenchantment and the Stubborn Myth of the Great Gatsby

Greil Marcus

How Editorial Practices Shaped Cosmopolitan Reading

Nora C. Benedict

A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag

Peter Burke

From Music Halls to the Seaside to Football, How the Victorians Invented Mass Entertainment

Lee Jackson