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An American History

John Mack Faragher

A New History of Indigenous Power

Pekka Hamalainen

Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas

Jeffrey Ostler

Richard Oakes, Alcatraz, and the Red Power Movement

Kent Blansett

Getting Lost in America

Jon T. Coleman

Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830

J. H. Elliott

Texas Populists and the Roots of American Liberalism

Gregg Cantrell

The Many Lives of Calamity Jane

Karen R. Jones

Family, Race, and Nation after the Civil War

Kendra Taira Field

Households, Manhood, and National Expansion on the Eighteenth-Century Kentucky Frontier

Honor Sachs

Adventure, Capitalism, and Dispossession from Southern Africa to the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, 1880-1917

Andrew Offenburger

Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement

Lori A. Flores

An Indigenous History of Migration, Resettlement, and Identity

Gregory D. Smithers

The Fur Trade, Transportation, and Change in the Early Twentieth Century

John R. Bockstoce; Foreword by William Barr

The Maritime World of the Makahs

Joshua L. Reid

Rediscovering the Chile-California Connection

Edward Dallam Melillo

A Reader’s Journey to Iconic Places of the American Southwest

David J. Weber and William deBuys

A New Interpretive History
Second Edition

Robert V. Hine, John Mack Faragher, and Jon T. Coleman