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African Cattle Herders of the Atlantic World, 1500-1900

Andrew Sluyter

Water Rights, Corporations, and Distributive Justice on the American Frontier

David Schorr

The Louisiana Purchase and the Creation of America

Peter J. Kastor

The Untold Story of America's Road to Empire through Indian Territory

Paul VanDevelder

Fantasy and Reality of an American Icon

Leo Braudy

The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for Political Philosophy

Robert B. Pippin

The Ecology of Change in Yellowstone National Park

Edited by Linda L. Wallace

The King Survey Photographs

Keith F. Davis and Jane L. Aspinwall

The Tule River Tribe's Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries

Gelya Frank and Carole Goldberg

How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World

Anders Halverson

Hitler's Émigrés and Exiles in Southern California

Dorothy Lamb Crawford

Immigrants and Citizens in Early Modern Spain and Spanish America

Tamar Herzog

Describing America in an Age of Unknowns

Peter J. Kastor

French Towns, French Traders, and American Expansion

Jay Gitlin

Pacific Ascendancy and American Power

Bruce Cumings

The Contest among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade

John R. Bockstoce

Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War

Brian DeLay

Earl Pomeroy; Edited by Richard W. Etulain; Foreword by...

Gail Stavitsky and Katherine Rothkopf; Essays by Ellen...

Searching for a Mythic Cat

Richard Mahler