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Demolition and Clearance of the Postwar Landscape

Francesca Russello Ammon

Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power

Neal Gabler

Henry David Thoreau; Edited by Geoff Wisner; Illustrated...

How Republicans Captured Congress but Surrendered the White House

Thomas F. Schaller

From the Cakewalk to the Moonwalk

Megan Pugh

A Fully Annotated Edition

Henry D. Thoreau; Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer

Fighting to Save a Way of Life in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Ken Wells; With a New Preface

A Social History
Second Edition

Margo J. Anderson

Making Sense of the Nazi Past during the Civil Rights Era

Monique Laney

A Short History of an Ancient Text

Michael Coogan

American Writers and the First World War

Hazel Hutchison

Preacher of Righteousness

Joshua Hawley

The Inside Story of the CIA’s Secret Campaign to Enroll American Students in the Crusade Against Communism

Karen M. Paget

The Little Red Schoolhouse in History and Memory

Jonathan Zimmerman