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An Identification Guide, Volume 2: Plates and Maps

Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, and Miguel Lentino

An Identification Guide, Volume 1: Species Accounts

Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, and Miguel Lentino

The Islands That Changed the World
Second Edition

Principal Author: Paul D. Stewart; Co-authors: Godfrey...

Resolving Darwin’s Dilemma

Marc W. Kirschner and John C. Gerhart; Illustrated by John...

Wolves and Men in America

Jon T. Coleman

An Environmental History of China

Mark Elvin

Edited by Thomas E. Lovejoy and Lee Hannah

The Fight Against Pain

Thomas Dormandy

Seymour Benzer's Adventures in Phage Genetics

Frederic Lawrence Holmes; Edited by William C. Summers

The Christian Encounter with Reality

John Polkinghorne

Animals and the Uniqueness of Human Language

Stephen R. Anderson; With illustrations by Amanda Patrick...

First Edition

Edited by Robert Repetto; Foreword by James Gustave Speth...

The Environmental Consequences of 1,000 Years of Change in New England

Edited by David R. Foster and John D. Aber

An Identification Guide
Second Edition

Andy Swash and Rob Still; With illustrations by Ian...

Clive Barlow and Tim Wacher; Illustrated by Tony Disley...

Forests, Farms, and People in the East German Landscape, 1945-1989

Arvid Nelson