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A Memoir

Norman Manea; Translated by Angela Jianu

Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War

Avi Raz

The Meaning Behind Freud`s Myth

Robert A. Paul

Modern Writing and the Authority of Scripture

Robert Alter

A Revolutionary's Life

Joshua Rubenstein

Revolution as a Way of Life

Vivian Gornick

Jews and Culture in the Late Russian Empire

James Loeffler

Hitler's Community, 1918-1945

Thomas Kühne

The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940–1945

Gunnar S. Paulsson

A History of the Palestinians in Israel

Ilan Pappé

The Postwar Crisis and the Rise of the Swastika

Edward Timms

The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin

Edited by Donna-Lee Frieze

The Hero Who Didn't Want to Be One

Mark Kurlansky

The Poet of Shame and Guilt

Saul Friedländer

Historical Contexts of Jewish Art

Lee I. Levine

Sacred Texts of the World's Religions

John Bowker

A Family Saga

Moyshe Kulbak; Translated by Hillel Halkin; Introduction...

A Life

Avi Shilon; Translated by Danielle Zilberberg and Yoram...