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The Aesthetics of a New World

Edited by Fabio Benzi and Renske Cohen Tervaert; With...

Sketching in Clay

C. D. Dickerson III and Emerson Bowyer, with Anthony Sigel...

Giuseppe Penone's Drawings

Edited by Carlos Basualdo; With essays by Lara Demori, and...

Master Storyteller of Renaissance Venice

Peter Humfrey; With contributions by Andrea Bellieni,...

Edited by Nathaniel Silver; With contributions by Machtelt...

Artemisia Gentileschi and Women Artists in Italy, 1500-1800

Edited by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer and Oliver Tostmann;...

Between Icon and Narrative

David Ekserdjian

Portraits and Politics, 1512-1570

Edited by Keith Christiansen and Carlo Falciani; With...

The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Nicholas Penny; With contributions by John Griswold, Helen...

The Language of Painting

Jesse Locker

Jack Hinton; With a contribution by Alexandra Gauthier

Love, Desire, Death

Matthias Wivel; With contributions by Beverly Louise Brown...

Renaissance Buildings from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo

David Hemsoll

Honour and Ornament in Italian Renaissance Art

Alison Wright

Volume 39, Giovanni Bellini’s Painting Technique

Jill Dunkerton and Marika Spring; With Rachel Billinge and...

Perspectives on the Male Body and Renaissance Art

Patricia Lee Rubin

Edited by Caroline Campbell, Dagmar Korbacher, Neville...