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Monoclonal Antibodies and the Transformation of Healthcare

Lara V. Marks

A Global History, 1900 to the Present

Christian W. McMillen

A People's History

Evelyn Lord

How Genes Became the Heart of American Medicine

Nathaniel Comfort

How a Misfolded Protein Baffled Scientists and Changed the Way We Look at the Brain

Jay Ingram

The Geopolitics of an Epidemic Disease

William C. Summers

Introduction and Book I: Containing All Sorts of Trees, That Bear Edible Fruits, and Are Husbanded by People

Georgius Everhardus Rumphius; Translated, annotated, and...

Hormone Disruptors and the Legacy of DES

Nancy Langston

and Other Medical Detective Stories

Jonathan A. Edlow, M.D.

The First 200 Years

Kerry L. Falvey; With essays by Thomas P. Duffy, MD,...

The Unnatural Experiments of Dr Beddoes and His Sons of Genius

Mike Jay

Creating Environments That Protect Human Health

John Wargo

Huntington's and the Making of a Genetic Disease

Alice Wexler; Foreword by Nancy S. Wexler

A Short History of Living Longer

David Boyd Haycock

A Portrait of Your Head

Raymond Tallis

A Genetic View of Jewish History

David B. Goldstein

How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness

Christopher Lane