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The Struggle for the Soul of American Education

Peter W. Cookson, Jr.

Technical Literacy and Early Industrial Expansion in the United States

A National Plan for Extended Childhood Intervention

Edited by Edward F. Zigler and Sally J. Styfco

Textbook Censorship in America

Joan DelFattore

Understanding the Past to Shape the Future

Edited by Sharon Lynn Kagan; With contributions by Peter R...

A Reexamination

Jaroslav Pelikan

Higher Education and Group Thinking

David Bromwich

Perspectives and Prospects

Edited by Sharon Lynn Kagan, Douglas R. Powell, Bernice T...

Pictures to Touch

John M. Kennedy

How Girls and Boys Drop In and Out of Alternative Schools

Deirdre M. Kelly; Foreword by Jeannie Oakes

Readers and Reading Since 1880

Carl F. Kaestle, Helen Damon-Moore, Lawrence C. Stedman,...

An Official Language for Americans?

Dennis Baron

Collegiate Enterprise in New England

David B. Potts

The Credentials Market and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939

David F. Labaree

The Transformation of White America

Richard D. Alba

Japan, China and the United States

Joseph J. Tobin, David Y.H. Wu, and Dana H. Davidson