Lawrence of Arabia's War


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The Arabs, the British and the Remaking of the Middle East in WWI

Neil Faulkner

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A wealth of new research and thinking on Lawrence, the Arab Revolt, and World War One in the Middle East, providing essential background to today’s violent conflicts

Rarely is a book published that revises our understanding of an entire world region and the history that has defined it. This groundbreaking volume makes just such a contribution. Neil Faulkner draws on ten years of field research to offer the first truly multidisciplinary history of the conflicts that raged in Sinai, Arabia, Palestine, and Syria during the First World War.
In Lawrence of Arabia’s War, the author rewrites the history of T. E. Lawrence’s legendary military campaigns in the context of the Arab Revolt. He explores the intersections among the declining Ottoman Empire, the Bedouin tribes, nascent Arab nationalism, and Western imperial ambition. The book provides a new analysis of Ottoman resilience in the face of modern industrialized warfare, and it assesses the relative weight of conventional operations in Palestine and irregular warfare in Syria. Faulkner thus reassesses the historic roots of today’s divided, fractious, war-torn Middle East.

Neil Faulkner is a freelance academic archaeologist and historian and editor of Military History Monthly. A research fellow at the University of Bristol, he codirected the Great Arab Revolt Project in Jordan (2006–14). He lives in Herts, UK.

"Though closely interlinked, the Great Arab Revolt and the Palestine campaigns are generally studied separately. Neil Faulkner?'s eminently readable account treats them in parallel, opening up a much wider context for Lawrence?'s Seven Pillars."—Jeremy Wilson, author of Lawrence of Arabia: The Authorised Biography

"A lively history of the Arab Revolt that sheds important new light on Lawrence’s Seven Pillars as a reliable source. Essential reading."—Eugene Rogan, author of The Arabs: A History

"Seldom does a newly published book both enlarge our understanding of its subject and enhance our appreciation of its principal primary sources. . . . Lawrence of Arabia’s War is highly recommended as essential reading for students . . ."—Bruce M. Garver, ID: International Dialogue, A Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs

"The book is a remarkable achievement . . . driven by crisp, evocative prose [that] holds the reader’s interest . . . recommended to anyone seeking a comprehensive account of the conflict in Greater Syria during the First World War."—John Calvert, Middle East Journal
ISBN: 9780300196832
Publication Date: May 24, 2016
552 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
55 b/w illus. + maps
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