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America's Newest Export

Lawrence E. Mitchell

Edited by Michael W. McConnell and Angela C. Carmella;...

Sixty Years of Regulation and Deregulation

Paul W. MacAvoy

An Essay on Financial Globalisation and Fragility

Alexandre Lamfalussy

The Law of Regretted Decisions

E. Allan Farnsworth

The Place for Physician Assistance

Charles McKhann

Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott

Six Strategies for Promoting Educational Equity

Jay P. Heubert

Erie, the Judicial Power, and the Politics of the Federal Courts in Twentieth-Century America

Edward Purcell

Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality in the Genetic Era

Edited by Mark A. Rothstein; Foreword by Arthur C. Upton...

Devastation, Hope, and Healing

William J. Winslade; With a Foreword by James S. Brady

Lower Court Selection from Roosevelt through Reagan

Sheldon Goldman

Conflicting Visions of Citizenship in U.S. History

Rogers M. Smith

Human Rights, Named and Unnamed

Charles Black, Jr.; With a new Foreword by Philip Chase...

Is Criminal Justice Unfair?

H. Richard Uviller

The Online Protests over Lotus MarketPlace and the Clipper Chip

Laura J. Gurak