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An Enlightened Life

Nicholas Phillipson

Sidney Plotkin and Rick Tilman

A Scrivener, His City and the Plague

Keith Wrightson

How the United States Traded Factories for Finance in the Seventies

Judith Stein

Alan M. Rugman and Jonathan P. Doh

A History of the Propitious Esculent

John Reader

The First Modern Revolution

Steve Pincus

Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination

Jedediah Purdy

French Towns, French Traders, and American Expansion

Jay Gitlin

Ostrich Feathers, Jews, and a Lost World of Global Commerce

Sarah Abrevaya Stein

Pacific Ascendancy and American Power

Bruce Cumings

The Contest among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade

John R. Bockstoce

A History

Gary A. Anderson

How Feminism, the Market, and Policy Shape Family Life

Neil Gilbert

Trading with the Enemy in Colonial New York

Thomas M. Truxes

The Costly Myths That Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By

Scott A. Shane

Institutional Design and Behavioral Responses

Stephen K. Wegren

Cars, Consumers, and the Environment

Tom McCarthy