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And How to Reclaim It

Jan Zielonka

Understanding Propaganda in the Era of Automation and Anonymity

Samuel Woolley

The History of a National Obsession

Mary Ziegler

On "Liberal" as an Adjective

Michael Walzer

Dispatches from a World of Misery and Hope

Bernard-Henri Levy

The Communist Roots of Chinese Enterprise

Christopher Marquis and Kunyuan Qiao

The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia

Samuel A. Greene and Graeme B. Robertson

What the Cold War Teaches Us about Great-Power Rivalry Today

Hal Brands

Russia's New Nationalism

Charles Clover

The Power of Militant Islam in Afghanistan and Beyond
Third Edition

Ahmed Rashid

The Dangerous Fallacy of Originalism

Erwin Chemerinsky

Five Thinkers Who Inspired the Radical Right

Matthew Rose

How Conservative Elites Manipulate Search and Threaten Democracy

Francesca Bolla Tripodi

U.S. Grand Strategy and Resolute Restraint

Michael O’Hanlon

How a Country Turned from Democracy and the West

Dimitar Bechev

And Why it is Essential for our Health, Wealth and Happiness

Graeme Garrard

The Politics of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Rosaleen Duffy

How the Abbottabad Raid Revealed the Truth about al-Qaeda, Its Leader and His Family

Nelly Lahoud

How Disinformation Poisons Our Politics—and How to Cure It

Richard L. Hasen