Politics, Law, and Morality


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Essays by V.S. Soloviev

Vladimir Soloviev; Edited and translated by Vladimir Wozniuk; Foreword by Gary Saul Morson

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Considered one of Russia’s greatest philosophers, Vladimir Soloviev (1853–1900) was also a theologian, historian, poet, and social and political critic. His works have emerged to enjoy renewed attention in post–Soviet Russia, and his concerns echo in contemporary discussions of politics, law, and morality. In this collection of Soloviev’s essays—many translated into English for the first time—the philosopher explores an array of social issues, from the death penalty to nationalism to women’s rights.

Soloviev reacts against the tradition of European rationalist thought and seeks to synthesize religious philosophy, science, and ethics in the context of a universal Christianity. In these writings he reveals the centrality of human rights in his Christian worldview, not only as an abstract theory but also as an inspiration in everyday life. In a substantive introduction and copious annotations to the essays, Vladimir Wozniuk points out distinctive and often overlooked features of Soloviev’s works while illuminating his place within both the Russian and Western intellectual traditions.

Vladimir Wozniuk is professor of government at Western New England College.

"Vladimir Wozniuk has done the western scholarly world a great favor by making accessible this representative selection of essays by Soloviev, one of the great thinkers of the 19th century. Soloviev’s words—on capital punishment, on women’s rights—are as relevant today as they were a century ago."—Dr. Paul Meyendorff, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

"Dr.Vlademir Wozniak does us a great service in his editing and translation of U.S. Soloviev, a nineteenth century Russian political and religious philosopher. Some will find his theological perspective most relevant but others turn to his writings on nationalism, law and morality for politics. Wozniak gives us a valuable collection of representative writings that draws on both classical and Christian thought."—Kenneth W. Thompson, Miller Center

“Soloviev’s words—on capital punishment, on women’s rights—are as relevant today as they were a century ago.”—Paul Meyendorff, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

“This collection is remarkably relevant to our times, and Soloviev’s writings are profound and to the point.”—Robert L. Jackson, Yale University

“These essays of Vladimir S. Soloviev give a good introduction to the thought of one of the greatest Russian philosophers who deserves to be better known in the West. . . . Soloviev inspired many Russian thinkers, writers, poets, and theologians. His ideas once more return to postcommunist Russia to reignite Russian thought. Thoughtful generalists and specialists will find a trove of insight in this collection.”—Choice

“Vladimir Wozniuk . . . has made a valuable contribution to the study of modern Russian and European thought in the English-speaking world by assembling and translating this anthology of essays by Vladimir Soloviev. . . . A well organized and attractive Solovievian sampler, Politics, Law, and Morality is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate courses and will be of interest to all who follow modern theology.”—Paul Valliere, Modern Theology

ISBN: 9780300212037
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
368 pages, 6.125 x 9.25
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