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The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology

Stephanie Roberson Barnard and Deborah St James

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Even the best ideas have little value if they are not explained clearly, concisely, and convincingly to others. Scientists, engineers, health care professionals, and technology specialists become leaders in their fields not just by way of discovery, but by communication. In this essential book, two seasoned communication consultants offer specific, focused advice to help professionals develop, improve, and polish their interpersonal communication, writing, and presentation skills. The authors explain exactly how to manage multiple projects and interactions, collaborate with colleagues and others, gain support for ideas through presentations and proposals, and much more.

Stephanie Roberson Barnard is a communication consultant, Business Image Consulting. She lives in Wilson, NC. Deborah St James is deputy director, Publications and Scientific Communications, Grifols Center for Science and Education. She lives in Raleigh, NC. The authors have extensive experience in training biomedical, scientific, pharmaceutical, and technology professionals to communicate effectively. They are co-authors of Writing, Speaking, and Communication Skills for Health Professionals, published by Yale University Press.

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“I have found it difficult to find a book that helps students gain the professional and interpersonal skills they need in a scientific discipline.  Listen. Write. Present. is that book.”—Tim Marks, Campbell University

"Success in the complex fields of technology and finance depends on communicating clearly and confidently to a variety of audiences. This book is a must-read for students and professionals alike."—Mark Kritzman, President, Windham Capital Management and Member of the MIT faculty

"A timely, practical and concise guide providing insights to improving one’s communication skills.  This is an essential read for everyone in the profession of pharmacy (students, faculty, practitioners) who desire to communicate more effectively."—Alan Hanson, University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

"Like other great books you can open this text to any page and learn something of value. Communication today is fast and furious, and most effective when you follow the rules. I plan to recommend this book to my graduate students and colleagues alike."—Dr. Tom Holmes, Director of Pharmaceutical Science Programs, Campbell University

“So often we are judged not by what we know, but by what people think we know based on our presentations and our ability to communicate. This lovely book will serve the tyro and the pro alike. It will be on my bookshelf.”—Abraham Verghese MD, author of Cutting for Stone and Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

"Information Technology offers a global pool of talented professionals or “geeks.” The definition of “geek” perhaps is an IT professional who has not had the benefit of this insightful book on how to make the transformation. Seasoned veteran or beginner, the book is a great read!"—Tom Conway, Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services

“As a corporate lawyer at one of the world’s leading science and technology hubs, this book is a must-read for my client base.”—James Forrest, Corporate Attorney

"With its engaging, conversational style, this little book is an important, new resource for its intended readers, who seldom receive academic training in communication skills."—Michele Vivirito, Fellow of the American Medical Writers Association

"This book is a perfect tool for pharmacists who recognize how critical communication skills are in practice.  Short on theory and long on practicality, it is a great how-to guide for delivering your message."—Susan Cantrell, Director, North America, Drug Information Association

“This practical guide is the result of leading thousands of engaging seminars for physician and scientists across the United States. St James and Barnard have condensed the information, emphasized the best of it, and have put in one efficient volume equivalent of a Master’s degree in professional and interpersonal communication.”—Paul Casella, MFA, co-author of Writing, Speaking, and Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals

"A facile, user-friendly tool replete with raison d'être, "how-to" insights, and pragmatic wisdom that guides, encourages, and informs the acquisition of real capacities in this most vital of skill sets."—Rusty Stephens, President, Wilson Community College

“This lovely book . . . is one that you will read from cover to cover. . . . Sound, common sense advice. . . .  It is a book that all medical writers and presenters should have in their libraries.”—AMWA Journal
ISBN: 9780300176278
Publication Date: January 24, 2012
224 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
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