A Hausa-English Dictionary


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Paul Newman

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This up-to-date volume, the first Hausa-English dictionary published in a quarter of a century, is written with language learners and practical users in mind. With over 10,000 entries, it primarily covers Standard Nigerian Hausa but also includes numerous forms from Niger and other dialect areas of Nigeria.

The dictionary includes new Hausa terminology for products, events, and activities of the modern world. Its definitions show the use of Hausa words in context, and particular attention is paid to idioms, figurative meanings, and special usages. As a guide to pronunciation, headwords and illustrative sentences are fully marked for tone and vowel length. The book adopts a unique approach to the presentation of verb forms that clarifies lexical relationships and their correct usage.


Paul Newman is Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, and the world’s leading authority on the Hausa language. He is also an attorney and a member of the Indiana Bar.

“The definitions are remarkably clear and concise. This totally new work is sure to become the dictionary of choice for Hausa language scholars and students at all levels.”—William R. Leben, Stanford University


“Professor Newman has devoted his life to Hausa linguistics, and he is the ideal author to create this dictionary. This book makes a very important contribution to the field of Hausa language, linguistics, and cultural studies.”—Beverly Mack, The University of Kansas

"[Newman] brings his knowledge and love of the language to bear in the individual entries in this dictionary and in his choices about how to organize it. . . . What may look like a convenient, comprehensive dictionary for students promises in fact to be a reliable, indispensable source of information for Hausa scholars at every level."—William R. Leben, Language Documentation & Conservation
ISBN: 9780300122466
Publication Date: August 21, 2007
272 pages, 7 x 10

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The Hausa Language

An Encyclopedic Reference Grammar

Paul Newman

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