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The Rise and Fall of Qaddafi

Alison Pargeter

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The entire story of Qaddafi's corrupt and repressive regime, the details of its downfall, and what Libya's future may hold in store

For a reader unfamiliar with the history of Libya, Muammar Qaddafi might be mistaken for a character in fiction. His eccentric leadership as the nation's "Brother Leader," his repressive regime, sponsorship of terrorist violence, unique vision of the state, and relentless hold on power all seem implausibly extreme. This riveting book documents the extraordinary reality of Qaddafi's rise and 42-year reign. It also explores the tenacious popular uprising that finally defeated him and the possibilities for Libya as the future unfolds.

Alison Pargeter, an author with deep understanding of Libya's history and people, explains what led up to Qaddafi's bloodless coup in 1969 and how he proceeded to translate his highly personalized vision into political, economic, and social policy. She discusses his tight-knit networks, the crises he overcame—including sanctions after the Lockerbie bombing in 1988—as well as his astounding maneuverings in the early 2000s to restore tattered relations with the West. Pargeter provides a thoroughly fascinating analysis of the 2011 revolt and uncovers the full details of Qaddafi's downfall. She concludes by introducing the new power brokers in post-Qaddafi Libya as well as the variety of knotty challenges that now confront them.

Alison Pargeter is an analyst and writer specializing in North Africa and the Middle East. She has held academic positions at the University of Cambridge and Kings College, London, and is a senior associate at Menas Associates, an international research consultancy. She is the author of The New Frontiers of Jihad: Radical Islam in Europe and The Muslim Brotherhood: The Burden of Tradition.

“This history of modern Libya is a vital aid to understanding its current conflicts.”—Rachel Aspden, Prospect

“…rich in historical detail.”—Michael Peel, Financial Times

“In this timely reflection on one of recent history’s most outlandish demagogues, Pargeter follows Qaddafi as he seized power through a 1969 military coup, rebelling against the Western-backed king and his paternalistic system. . . . Her informed analysis contextualizes the long-fermenting stew of oppression and anger that was to finally erupt in civil war, and addresses the challenges the National Transitional Council faces as it struggles to rebuild a nation.”—Publishers Weekly

“Her account is well-researched and draws upon direct observation. She keeps the story moving and asks the right questions: how did Gaddafi remain in power for so long, why did his end come as it did, and can Libya now be turned into a functioning state?”—Nicholas Hagger, European Quarterly
ISBN: 9780300139327
Publication Date: July 31, 2012
288 pages, 6 x 9
20 b/w illus.