Conversations with an Unrepentant Liberal


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Julius Seelye Bixler

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In this book two philosophers, Simmias and Cebes, who were friends and contemporaries of Plato’s continue their discussions of life and death and religion in this current year of crisis. Beginning in a railway station in Boston and continuing on through Providence and New Haven, they argue the eternal problems of what truth is and whether liberalism, with its concern for human reason, its tolerance of people who disagree with it, has much of a place in a world of totalitarianism and war, of Freud with his irrational subconscious and the atomic bomb with its fury. In an amusing and searching scrutiny of the liberals and their opponents Mr. Bixler analyzes through his two heroes the principal modern philosophies that are grappling with the ills of the world, and he demonstrates a considerable area of agreement between their opposing views.

“This small volume is an important one. Its defense of liberalism is worth careful study. The critics will be challenged by it, the defender encouraged.”—Christian Century

“The conversation is fresh and pointed, studded with humor and apt illustration. Bixler seems as well posted on human beings as he is on John Dewey and also on current affairs.”—Current History

“The author of these conversations sets forth in reasoned, persuasive, gentle, and often amusing dialogue the necessity of the values which the liberal can provide.”—New York Times

“The second of the three parts of the book . . . is one of the best and most timely things in print in the religious field.”—Advance

ISBN: 9780300135848
Publication Date: May 1, 1946
128 pages, 5.5 x 8.5
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