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The first, middle, and last goal of the Hermes series is to guide the general reader to a dialogue with the classical masters rather than to acquaint him or her with the present state of scholarly research. Thus our volumes contain few or no footnotes; even within the texts, references to secondary literature are kept to a minimum. At the end of each volume, however, is a short bibliography that includes recommended English translations, and selected literary criticism, as well as historical and (when appropriate) biographical studies. Throughout, all quotations from the Greek or Latin texts are given in English translation. In these ways we hope to let the classics speak again, with a minimum of modern verbiage (as Nietzsche wished), to the widest possible audience of interested people.

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  • Robert Lamberton; Foreword by John Herington

    01/11/2002, Paper
    $26.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300088113
  • James Romm

    12/11/1998, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300072303
  • David E. Slavitt

    12/25/1991, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300051025
  • David Armstrong

    09/10/1989, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300045734
  • Sara Mack; Edited by John Herington

    09/10/1988, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300042955
  • Robert Lamberton

    09/10/1988, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300040692
  • John Herington

    09/10/1986, Paper
    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300036435
  • D. S. Carne-Ross

    09/10/1985, Paper
    $24.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300033939
  • Vivante, Paolo

    09/10/1985, Paper
    $26.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300033953