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To Do No Harm

DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine

Roberta Apfel and Susan Fisher


September 10, 1986, Paper, $22.00


John Herington

Aeschylus can be called the creator of the art of tragedy in the Western tradition.  Author of the first dramas that have survived in their entirety, he was also one of the world’s greatest lyric and imaginative poets. ...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $25.00

World Enough and Time

Successful Strategies for Resource Management

Robert Repetto; Foreword by James Gustave Speth

“We must mobilize now to achieve the global possible.  If we do, the future can be bright.  We have sufficient knowledge, skill, and resources—if we use them.  If we remain inactive, whether through pessimism or...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $21.00

Textual Power

Literary Theory and the Teaching of English

Robert Scholes

“Robert Scholes has written an enviable book on the uses and abuses of literary theory in the teaching of literature.  One of [his] most forceful points…is that ‘literary theory’ is not something a teacher may either ...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $21.00


Poet of Exile, Second Edition

Louis L. Martz

This full and definitive treatment of the whole body of Milton's poetry, written by one of the country's most eminent Milton scholars, was originally published under the title Poet of Exile: A Study of Milton's Poetry...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $37.00

Psychoanalysis and Religious Experience

There has been for a long time a powerful opposition between psychoanalysis and religious thinking, both because of the anti-religious attitudes and writings of Sigmund Freud and because of the hostility of...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $20.00

The Tragedy of Political Science

Politics, Scholarship, and Democracy

David M. Ricci

A comprehensive review and thoughtful critique of the development of political science as an academic discipline in this century, Ricci’s strong indictment of political science will be a source of lively controversy...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $34.00

Black Holes

The Membrane Paradigm

Edited by Kip S. Thorne, Douglas A. MacDonald, and Richard H. Price

This pedagogical introduction to the physics of black holes emphasizes the “membrane paradigm”, which translates the mathematics and physics of black holes into a form accessible to readers with little knowledge of...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $40.00

Jewish High Society in Old Regime Berlin

Deborah Hertz

During the quarter century between 1780 and 1806, Berlin's courtly and intellectual elites gathered in the homes of a few wealthy, cultivated Jewish women to discuss the events of the day. Princes, nobles, upwardly mobile...

April 27, 1988, Cloth, $64.00

Sumerian Administrative Documents from the Reigns of Isbi-Erra and Su-ilisu

Babylonian Inscriptions in the Collection of James B. Nies, Volume X

Marc Van De Mieroop

September 10, 1987, Cloth, $55.00