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Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Research

Second Edition

Robert J. Levine

The use of human subjects in medical and scientific research has given rise to troubling ethical questions. How should human subjects be selected for experiments? What should they be told about the research in which they are...

July 27, 1988, Paper, $45.00


D. S. Carne-Ross

Pindar has for centuries been the least understood and appreciated of the great classical poets, for the type of composition by which he is now chiefly represent—the ode written on commission to praise a victorious...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $24.00


Vivante, Paolo

Most studies of the Homeric poems have been dominated by the historical and anthropological views, concentrating on their place in the oral tradition and diverting attention from the nature of the poetry itself. ...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $26.00

William Faulkner

First Encounters

Cleanth Brooks

In this clear-sighted and enjoyable book, Cleanth Brooks, acknowledged to be "the best critic of our best novelist," introduces the general reader to Faulkner's most important novels and stories: The Sound and the Fury; As...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $26.00

Bureaucratic Justice

Managing Social Security Disability Claims

Jerry L. Mashaw

"Anyone interested in 'good government' should read Jerry Mashaw's new book on how the social Security Administration implements congressionally mandated policy for controlled consistent distribution of disability...

March 11, 1985, Paper, $25.00

The Spellbinders

Charismatic Political Leadership

Ann Ruth Willner

What causes a group of people or an entire nation to fall under the spell of a leader? In this fascinating book, Willner explains the nature of charismatic political leadership and the processes by which it comes into being,...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $24.00

Political Innovation in America

The Politics of Policy Initiation

Nelson W. Polsby

How are public policies initiated in American politics?  Do they spring fully formed from the furrowed brow of the President?  Are they the product of congressional committees?  This pathbreaking book by...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $24.00

Episcopal Vision / American Reality

High Church Theology and Social Thought in Evangelical America

Robert Bruce Mullin

The high church movement within the Episcopal Church was antithetical to both the intellectual and social worlds of antebellum America, for it challenged the underlying assumptions of evangelicalism and held itself aloof from...

September 10, 1986, Cloth, $58.00

Elements of the Scientific Paper

A Step-by-Step Guide for Students and Professionals

Michael J. Katz

Shared knowledge is indispensable to the practice of science, and the scientific paper—whether published in a journal or collation volume—is the chief means by which scientists communicate ideas and results to their...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $18.50

England in the Age of Hogarth

Derek Jarrett; Reissued in paperbound with a new Preface and updated Bibliography and Notes

Widely acclaimed when first published, this lively social history of Hogarth's England is now reissued in paperbound with a new preface and updated bibliography and notes.

September 10, 1986, Paper, $45.00