Striking Back


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The End of Peace in Cyberspace - And How to Restore It

Lucas Kello

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Faced with relentless technological aggression that imperils democracy, how can Western nations fight back?
Before the cyber age, foreign interference in democratic politics played out in a comparatively narrow arena. The rapid expansion of cyberspace has radically altered this situation. The hacking activities of Russian military agents in the 2016 US presidential election and other major incidents demonstrate the sophisticated offensive strategies pursued by geopolitical adversaries.
The West is winning the technology race—yet losing the larger contest over cybersecurity.
Lucas Kello reveals the failures of present policy to prevent cyberattacks and other forms of technological aggression. Drawing upon case studies and interviews with decision-makers, he develops a bold new approach: a concentrated and coordinated response strategy that targets adversaries’ interests and so recaptures the initiative.
Striking Back provides an original solution to national security challenges in our era of intense technological rivalry.

Lucas Kello is associate professor of international relations at Oxford University, where he serves as Senior Lecturer and codirector of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security. He is the author of The Virtual Weapon and International Order.

“Kello suggests that collective responses, ideally through Nato or coalitions of the capable, will be more effective than a single country acting alone.”—Edward Lucas, The Times

“In a work that is sure to be closely studied in western capitals, Kello makes proposals to increase the west’s deterrence power and restore ‘peace in cyber space.’”—Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

“A major work as well as a wake-up call for the West. . . . A very valuable book.”—Christopher Coker, author of Future War

“We can rely on Lucas Kello to provoke when it comes to recognising the impact of technology. In Striking Back he peels away layers of Western complacency and doctrinal failure masking our present dangerous situation of unpeace in cyberspace. He logically arrives at a disturbing conclusion, that we need to shed many of our inhibitions and our cyber legalism and adopt a punctuated deterrence strategy to prevent Russia and China from subverting our internal political and economic affairs.”—Professor Sir David Omand, former Director of GCHQ and UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator

“The United States and Western allies may have better weapons, but adversaries like Russia and China have better strategies in cyberspace, Lucas Kello argues. Those interested in defending democracies now, before it’s too late, should read this book.”—Audrey Kurth Cronin, author of How Terrorism Ends

“It is clear that traditional ideas about deterrence are not working in cyberspace; it’s not so clear what to do about it. In this wide-ranging and deeply researched book, Lucas Kello presents some serious and credible proposals that need to be read by policy-makers and scholars alike.”—Mark Galeotti, author of The Weaponisation of Everything

“It is clear that cyber warfare is rapidly becoming the battlefield of the present and the future. Lucas Kello’s book is an excellent summary of both the dangers, challenges and vulnerabilities of the cyber threat. While it is clear that there are no easy answers, this book also makes an important point that to deliver a stable future, we cannot afford to surrender to the threat.”—Leon E. Panetta, former director of the CIA, former Secretary of Defense
ISBN: 9780300246681
Publication Date: October 18, 2022
288 pages, 6 x 9 1/4
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