Failed Statebuilding


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Intervention, the State, and the Dynamics of Peace Formation

Oliver Richmond

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Western struggles—and failures—to create functioning states in countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan have inspired questions about whether statebuilding projects are at all viable, or whether they make the lives of their intended beneficiaries better or worse. In this groundbreaking book, Oliver Richmond asks why statebuilding has been so hard to achieve, and argues that a large part of the problem has been Westerners’ failure to understand or engage with what local peoples actually want and need. He interrogates the liberal peacebuilding industry, asking what it assumes, what it is getting wrong, and how it could be more effective.

Oliver Richmond is a Research Professor in Internationl Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies in the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester, UK. He is also International Professor, College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University, Korea and a Visiting Professor at the University of Tromso.

'Avoiding easy and romanticised notions of the local, this book makes a very convincing case for a contextualised yet transversal post-liberal peace by focusing on subaltern forms of agency, transgression and solidarity.' - Ilan Kapoor, author of The Postcolonial Politics of Development

'As international no-go-areas spread, the era of liberal peace lies in ruins. As Oliver Richmond cogently argues, a major contributor to this demise has been the tendency for Western interventionism to exclude local voices and experience.  In issuing an urgent call for change, Richmond makes a forceful and informed case for peacebuilding from below. With old international norms and expectations now dissolving, Failed Statebuilding is essential reading for those seeking a constructive way forward from the present impasse.' - Mark Duffield, author of Development, Security and Unending War: Governing the World of Peoples

'Oliver Richmond has established himself as one of the leading scholars of critical peace and conflict studies. Failed Statebuilding represents a major contribution to the field.' - Richard Caplan, author of Exit Strategies and State Building

“A powerful critique of post–Cold War state building and peace building efforts carried out in conflicted states. [This] ardent, articulate, accessible presentation deserves critical attention from peace scholars and practitioners alike.  Highly recommended for university and larger public library systems and collections specializing in international studies and development.”—CHOICE

“A book full of insight:  the tone dispassionate, the argument subtle, and clearly of considerable value to both scholars and practitioners alike.”— J.E. Spence, International Affairs
ISBN: 9780300175318
Publication Date: November 25, 2014
296 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4