Making the World Safe for Tourism


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Patricia Goldstone

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Over the past hundred years, tourism has evolved into the world’s biggest business, and few countries today question the common wisdom that the road to economic development is paved with tourist dollars. Yet questions should be raised, Patricia Goldstone argues in this pathbreaking book on the social and political impacts of tourism. She examines for the first time the close connections between business and politics as government and industry leaders work together to reengineer political trouble spots into tourist destinations in places like Ireland, Turkey, and Cuba. She also probes the impact of tourism on diverse cultures.

In a keenly perceptive account of the history of tourism in the twentieth century, the book tells how and why tourism aligned itself with political power, how it became embedded within such non tourist institutions as the World Bank, and how since World War II it has become an instrument of international development policy. In detailed case studies that are also compelling travel narratives, Goldstone documents the effects of tourism on local people, including its tendency to lead governments toward greater social repression. She offers fascinating insights into the ironies of modern tourism--how, for example, it can insulate tourists from the very things they seek to encounter, and how, despite its preservational efforts, tourism can affect a culture in complex, sometimes troubling, ways.

Patricia Goldstone is a freelance journalist and playwright living in New York.

“Goldstone’s investigation of the social and political impacts of tourism is original and fascinating.”—Dennis Judd, coauthor of The Tourist City

“Most people would not think of travel as a critical front of the globalization debate. Patricia Goldstone’s Making the World Safe for Tourism will educate them otherwise.”—Dan Burstein, author and Managing Partner at the Blackstone Group

"Making the World Safe for Tourism is a creative, witty, and insightful look at the ruthless underpinnings of international tourism. Goldstone is no ‘innocent abroad’: she has traveled the world with an eye for detail and a pen dipped in one-part acid and one-part irony. Leave Danielle Steel or John le Carré at home: take Goldstone on your next foreign trip and find out what you're really paying for."—Stephen Walt, Evron and Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of International Affairs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

“Patricia Goldstone concentrates on tourism as an instrument of foreign policy, entangled with development and foreign-exchange policies promulgated by the World Bank and IMF. . . . Her first-rate personal journalism rings with authenticity.”—Herb Hiller, Whole Earth
ISBN: 9780300087635
Publication Date: April 10, 2001
288 pages, 6.125 x 9.25
75 b/w illus.