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Becoming Freud

The Making of a Psychoanalyst

Adam Phillips

From one of the world’s foremost authorities on Sigmund Freud comes a strikingly original biography of the father of psychoanalysisBecoming Freud is the story of the young Freud—Freud up until the...

March 22, 2016, Paper, $15.00

Mark Rothko

Toward the Light in the Chapel

Annie Cohen-Solal

A fascinating exploration of the life and work of one of America’s most famous and enigmatic postwar visual artists Mark Rothko, one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century, was born in the Jewish...

March 22, 2016, Paper, $15.00

A Little History of Religion

Richard Holloway

“For readers in search of a thoughtful, thorough, and approachable survey of the history of religion, this book is an excellent place to start.”—Booklist  Written for those with faith and for...

September 5, 2017, PB-with Flaps, $15.00

Louis D. Brandeis

American Prophet

Jeffrey Rosen

A riveting new examination of the leading progressive justice of his era, published in the centennial year of his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court According to Jeffrey Rosen, Louis D. Brandeis was ...

September 12, 2017, Paper, $15.00

A Little History of Archaeology

Brian Fagan

A "learned and lively" (Wall Street Journal) history of archaeological adventure—with tales of danger, debate, audacious explorers, and astonishing discoveries around the globe—for readers of all ages

May 28, 2019, PB-with Flaps, $15.00


Terry Eagleton

A compelling guide to the fundamental place of humour and comedy within Western culture—by one of its greatest exponents Written by an acknowledged master of comedy, this study reflects on the nature of...

May 10, 2022, Paper, $15.00

What’s Wrong with Economics?

A Primer for the Perplexed

Robert Skidelsky

A passionate and informed critique of mainstream economics from one of the leading economic thinkers of our time This insightful book looks at how mainstream economics’ quest for scientific certainty has...

February 23, 2021, Paper, $15.00

Wu Song Kills a Tiger

Volume Five, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader

Yung Teng Chia-yee

One of the most famous episodes from Water Margin, a traditional Chinese novel, is here retold in simple Chinese. This text is the fifth volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. It is...

March 11, 1978, Paper, $15.00

June 1941

Hitler and Stalin

John Lukacs

A masterful account, culminating in the fateful days before the most decisive event of World War II: Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union This brilliant new work by the author of the best-selling...

July 28, 2007, Paper, $15.00

David Hume on Morals, Politics, and Society

David Hume; Edited by Angela Coventry and Andrew Valls; With an Introduction by Andrew Valls; With Essays by Mark G. Spencer, Elizabeth S. Radcliffe, Frederick G. Whelan, and Peter Vanderschraaf and Andrew Valls

A compact and accessible edition of Hume’s political and moral writings with essays by a distinguished set of contributors A key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment, David Hume was a major influence on...

October 23, 2018, Paper, $15.00