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California, a Slave State

Jean Pfaelzer

The untold history of slavery and resistance in California, from the Spanish missions, indentured Native American ranch hands, Indian boarding schools, Black miners, kidnapped Chinese prostitutes, and convict laborers to victims of...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $35.00

The Invention of Scarcity

Malthus and the Margins of History

Deborah Valenze

A radical new reading of eighteenth-century British theorist Thomas Robert Malthus, which recovers diverse ideas about subsistence production and environments later eclipsed by classical economics   With the...

June 27, 2023, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00

Yorkshire North Riding

Jane Grenville and Nikolaus Pevsner

Providing unrivalled coverage of the area, this volume offers a fully revised and updated guide to the North Riding of Yorkshire. From the fells on the Westmorland border, through the unspoilt wild beauty of Swaledale and Wensleydale...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $85.00

A Dark, A Light, A Bright

The Designs of Dorothy Liebes

Susan Brown and Alexa Griffith Winton; With contributions by John Stuart Gordon, Emily Orr, Monica Penick, Erica Warren, and Leigh Wishner

The first major publication devoted to weaver and designer Dorothy Liebes, reinstating her as one of the most influential American designers of the twentieth century At the time of her death, Dorothy Liebes (1897...

June 27, 2023, Cloth over Board, $50.00

Shared Passion

An African Art Collection Built in the XXIst Century

Bruno Claessens

Highlighting the strong bond between a collector and an art dealer, Shared Passion explores a remarkable collection of African art assembled in the twenty-first century This book documents and...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $115.00

The World of Songye

Passions and Collections

Edited by Anne Vanderstraete and François Neyt with contributions from Dieter Buchhart, Jacques Cuisin, Kevin Dumouchelle, Lance Entwistle, Bernard de Grunne, Susan Kloman, François Neyt, Alexis Maggiar and Constantine Petridis

The ultimate and authoritative introduction to Songye culture, sculpture, masks, and iron forging This lavishly illustrated book brings a new approach to the masterpieces of Songye, a Bantu ethnic group from the...

June 27, 2023, 3-Volume Boxed Set with Slipcase, $175.00

After Impressionism

Inventing Modern Art

MaryAnne Stevens with contributions by Maria Alambritis, Julien Domercq, Charlotte de Mille, John Milner, Daniel Ralston, Christopher Riopelle, Camilla Smith and Sabine Wieber

Through the 1880s the very essence of representation, meaning and process in Western art were profoundly interrogated. Plausible representations of the external world were cast aside in favour of non-naturalism expressed in varying...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $50.00

Pierre Culot

Anne Bony and Matthew Tyas

Pierre Culot (1938-2011) was a Belgian ceramist and sculptor who was trained by Antoine de Vinck and English master potter Bernard Leach. He is one of the ceramists of the 1950s who transformed their craft into an art form. In his...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $70.00

Angel Vergara

In an Instant

Edited by Denis Gielen with contributions from Jérôme André, Nicolas Bourriaud, Philippe Van Cauteren and Olivier Michelon

Angel Vergara’s (1958 – based in Brussels) work is a continued investigation into the power of the image. By means of performances, videos, installations, paintings and drawings, he tests the limits of art and reality. Each of his...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $55.00

Bill Viola

Love/Death - The Tristan Project

Edited by Kira Perov and Peter Sellars, Mark Swed, Gérard Mortier, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Kira Perov, Bill Viola

In 2004, the opera scene was taken by storm by the ground-breaking production of Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde in Los Angeles. This book offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the visionary American...

June 27, 2023, Hardcover, $45.00