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Talking Back

Native Women and the Making of the Early South

Alejandra Dubcovsky

A pathbreaking look at Native women of the early South who defined power and defied authority  “An artful, powerful book. . . . [A] substantial contribution to our knowledge of women in the so-called ‘forgotten...

May 23, 2023, Hardcover, $38.00

The Coming of the Railway

A New Global History, 1750-1850

David Gwyn

The first global history of the epic early days of the iron railway   Railways, in simple wooden or stone form, have existed since prehistory. But from the 1750s onward the introduction of iron rails led to a...

May 23, 2023, Hardcover, $35.00

Military Strategy

A Global History

Jeremy Black

A global account of military strategy, which examines the practices, rather than the theories, of the most significant military figures of the past 400 years   Strategy has existed as long as there has been...

May 23, 2023, Paper, $24.00

A Blue New Deal

Why We Need a New Politics for the Ocean

Chris Armstrong

An urgent account of the state of our oceans today—and what we must do to protect them   The ocean sustains life on our planet, from absorbing carbon to regulating temperatures, and, as we exhaust the resources to...

May 23, 2023, Paper, $18.00

We Need to Talk About Inflation

14 Urgent Lessons from the Last 2,000 Years

Stephen D. King

A myth-busting explanation of inflation, the desperate gullibility of central bankers and finance ministers—and our abject failure to learn from history   From investors and monetary authorities to governments and...

May 23, 2023, Hardcover, $28.00


The Revolutionary who Lost his Head for Marie Antoinette

John Hardman

A major new biography of Antoine Barnave—the politician and writer who advocated for a constitutional monarchy in revolutionary France   Antoine Barnave was one of the most influential statesmen in the early French...

May 23, 2023, Hardcover, $40.00

Van Gogh and the Avant-Garde

Along the Seine

Edited by Bregje Gerritse and Jacquelyn N. Coutré; With contributions by Jena Carvana, Jacquelyn N. Coutré, Bregje Gerritse, Charlotte Hellman, Joost van der Hoeven, François Lespinasse, Teio Meedendorp and Richard Thomson

An examination of the innovative portrayals of industry and leisure created by five avant-garde artists working at Asnières in the late nineteenth century From 1881 to 1890, Vincent van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Paul...

May 30, 2023, Hardcover, $45.00

The Lost Peace

How We Failed to Prevent a Second Cold War

Richard Sakwa

The first account of the new Cold War—revealing how today’s renewed era of global great power competition could threaten us all   The end of the Cold War in 1989 heralded a unique prospect for an enduring global...

May 30, 2023, Hardcover, $32.50

The Private Is Political

Networked Privacy and Social Media

Alice E. Marwick

A compelling firsthand investigation of how social media and big data have amplified the close relationship between privacy and inequality   Online privacy is under constant attack by social media and big data...

May 30, 2023, Hardcover, $32.50

American Slavers

Merchants, Mariners, and the Transatlantic Commerce in Captives, 1644-1865

Sean M. Kelley

The first telling of the unknown story of America’s two-hundred-year history as a slave-trading nation   A total of 305,000 enslaved Africans arrived in the New World aboard American vessels over a span of two...

May 30, 2023, Hardcover, $35.00