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The Ecological Theater and the Evolutionary Play

G. Evelyn Hutchinson

In this delightful collection of essays, the author of The Enchanted Voyage and The Itinerant Ivory Tower turns his attention to the influence of environment on evolution.  His discussion of the nature of the...

January 1, 1965, Cloth, $53.00


A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Marvin H. Pope

This third edition of the Anchor Bible Book Of Job (Volume 15 in the series) contains numerous new, revised or augmented notes. Of special interest is the inclusion of readings from the earliest translation of...

February 19, 1965, Cloth, $75.00

Read Chinese, Book Three

Fang-yu Wang and Richard Chang

This third book of the Read Chinese series covers an additional four hundred Chinese characters, in both simplified and traditional forms. The selections are drawn from modern narrative and expository prose, as well as plays...

March 11, 1965, Paper, $21.00

Ben Jonson: Sejanus

Ben Jonson; Edited by Alvin B. Kerman and Richard B. Young

One of Jonson’s greatest plays, Sejanus, has seldom been edited, and is here published, with full notes and introduction, for the first time since 1911. Mr. Barish shows that Jonsonian tragedy can be understood and...

March 11, 1965, Paper, $24.00

Disquisitiones Arithmeticae

Carl Friedrich Gauss; Translated by Arthur A. Clarke

The first translation into English of the standard work on the theory of numbers by one of the greatest masters of modern mathematical analysis, this classic was first published in 1801 in Latin.  It has continued to be...

March 11, 1965, Paper, $47.00

The Yale Edition of the Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 4, Utopia

St. Thomas More; Edited by and J. H. Hexter

Although numbers as Volume 4, this is the second of the Complete Works to appear, following  The History of King Richard III. The Latin text is based on the editions of 1516, 1517, and 1518, fully collated and with the...

March 11, 1965, Cloth, $110.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 33

With the Countess of Upper Ossory, II, 1778-1787

Horace Walpole; Edited by W. S. Lewis

One of Walpole's longest and liveliest correspondences was the Lady Ossory (formerly Duchess of Grafton), providing her, in her country retirement, a dazzling narrative of London's social life from 1761 until Walpole's death...

September 10, 1965, Cloth, $85.00

Volume 34

With the Countess of Upper Ossory, III, 1788-1797

Horace Walpole

September 10, 1965, Cloth, $85.00

The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Book 5, The Book of Holiness

Edited by Leon Nemoy; Translated by Louis I. Rabinowitz and Philip Grossman

The fifth Book of Maimonides' great codification of ancient Jewish law and ritual sets forth the rule and exercise of holy living as prescribed by divine ordinance. It comprises three treatises: laws concerning illicit...

September 10, 1965, Cloth, $100.00

The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms

Volume 3: The Phenomenology of Knowledge

Ernst Cassirer; Translated by Ralph Manheim; Introductory note by Charles W. Hendel

The Symbolic Forms has long been considered the greatest of Cassirer’s works.  Into it he poured all the resources of his vast learning about language and myth, religion, art, and science—the various creative...

September 10, 1965, Paper, $48.00