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Late Fragments

Flares, My Heart Laid Bare, Prose Poems, Belgium Disrobed

Charles Baudelaire; Translated from the French and Edited by Richard Sieburth

The first English collection of the late poetry and prose fragments of literary icon Charles Baudelaire   “[A] handsome new book . . . all this inchoate material is given context by Sieburth’s learned, elegantly written...

February 7, 2023, Paper, $23.00

Annals and Antiquities of Rajast’han

James Tod and Norbert Peabody; With contributions from Ramya Sreenivasan and Brian Cannon

The two volumes of James Tod’s Annals and Antiquities of Rajast’han, first published in 1829–32, remain to this day the first port of call for anyone interested in the history and culture of Rajasthan and the early colonial...

September 26, 2023, 3-Volume Boxed Set with Slipcase, $1000.00

John Craxton

A Life of Gifts

Ian Collins

Born into a large, musical, and bohemian family in London, the British artist John Craxton (1922–2009) has been described as a Neo-Romantic, but he called himself a “kind of Arcadian”. His early art was influenced by Blake, Palmer,...

March 28, 2023, PB-with Flaps, $27.50


Terry Eagleton

One of our most brilliant minds offers a sweeping intellectual history that argues for the reclamation of culture’s value Culture is a defining aspect of what it means to be human. Defining culture and pinpointing...

April 25, 2023, Paper, $18.00


The Revolutionary who Lost his Head for Marie Antoinette

John Hardman

A major new biography of Antoine Barnave—the politician and writer who advocated for a constitutional monarchy in revolutionary France   Antoine Barnave was one of the most influential statesmen in the early French...

May 23, 2023, Hardcover, $40.00

Campaign of the Century

Kennedy, Nixon, and the Election of 1960

Irwin F. Gellman

Based on massive new research, a compelling and surprising account of the twentieth century’s closest election “[Gellman] offers as detailed an exploration of the 1960 presidential race as can be found.”—Robert W. Merry...

February 21, 2023, Paper, $24.00

A World Safe for Democracy

Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order

G. John Ikenberry

A sweeping account of the rise and evolution of liberal internationalism in the modern era, selected as a Best Book of 2021 by Foreign Affairs  “A thoughtful and profound defence of liberal...

April 18, 2023, Paper, $24.00

Dark Persuasion

A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media

Joel E. Dimsdale

A "highly readable and compelling" account (Science) of brainwashing’s pervasive role in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries“Riveting. . . . Dimsdale . . . shows how the art of dark persuasion a...

February 21, 2023, Paper, $22.00

Journeys to Heaven and Hell

Tours of the Afterlife in the Early Christian Tradition

Bart D. Ehrman

A New York Times bestselling scholar’s illuminating exploration of the earliest Christian narrated journeys to heaven and hell  “[An] illuminating deep dive . . . An edifying origin story for contemporary...

March 7, 2023, Paper, $23.00

Thomas Jefferson

A Biography of Spirit and Flesh

Thomas S. Kidd

A revelatory new biography of Thomas Jefferson, focusing on his ethical and spiritual life  “Kidd’s biography may well be the best treatment of Jefferson’s religious and moral life available, and certainly it is...

December 13, 2022, Paper, $23.00