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Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture

Encounters is a ground-breaking Chinese language instructional program for English speakers. Reflecting years of international collaboration between Yale University Press and China International Publishing Group, Encounters is a fully integrated multimedia program for beginner-level Chinese that immerses students in the sounds of Mandarin Chinese while simultaneously exposing them to the sights and culture of China.

Encounters access codes offer customers a subscription-based access to the digital content on the Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture website. This content includes: dramatic episodes filmed on location in China; Cultural Videos; Audio and Video Exercises; Unit Podcasts and Rap Songs; and a Student Resources area.

To order books from the Encounters series, click here. All Student Books include one year of Website Access to encounterschinese.com. To order Website Access only, select from the list below:

Website Access Duration Access Code ISBN Price  
Encounters Student Book 1 12 Months 9780300189377 $35.00 purchase
Encounters Student Book 2 12 Months 9780300189391 $35.00 purchase

Encounters Student Books 1 and 2 are also available as eBooks at select vendors. These eBooks contain links to the appropriate media on the website, allowing for easy access between the text, audio, and video. Please note that eBooks do not come with complimentary website access codes.

eBook eISBN Amazon Kindle Chegg Kno
Encounters Student Book 1 9780300204056 purchase purchase purchase
Encounters Student Book 2 9780300204063 purchase purchase purchase

A range of Encounters media is also available for download on iTunes:

Encounters on iTunes Price  
Encounters Student Book 1 Rap Songs $9.99 per album / $1.29 per song purchase
Encounters Student Book 2 Rap Songs $9.99 per album / $1.29 per song purchase
Encounters Audio Program 1: Introductory Unit, Unit 1, and Unit 2 Free download

The Encounters Chinese Character Trainer app is also now available for Apple and Android mobile devices. These apps use attractive stroke animations and other interactive features to help students learn all of the Simplified and Traditional characters covered in Student Book 1.

Encounters Chinese Character Trainer app Price  
Simplified Set (for Apple) $3.99 purchase
Simplified Set (for Android) $3.99 purchase
Traditional Set (for Apple) $3.99 purchase
Traditional Set (for Android) $3.99 purchase

Please click here to view other materials in the Encounters series published by Yale University Press. Please visit the Encounters website to learn more about the Encounters program.