Every Other Thursday


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Stories and Strategies from Successful Women Scientists

Ellen Daniell

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A book about the power of not trying to navigate a career path alone

This book tells the story of a professional problem-solving group that for more than 25 years has empowered its members by providing practical and emotional support. The objective of “Group,” as Ellen Daniell and six other members call their bimonthly gatherings, is cooperation in a competitive world. And the objective of Every Other Thursday is to encourage those who feel isolated or stressed in a work or academic setting to consider the benefits of such a group—a group in which everyone is on your side.
Each of the high-achieving individuals in Group (including members of the National Academy of Sciences, a senior scientist at a prestigious research institute, and university professors and administrators) has found the support of the others to be an essential part of her own success. Daniell provides detailed examples of how members help one another navigate career setbacks or other difficulties. She shows that group support, discussion, and application of common experience bring to light practical solutions and broader perspectives. In an inspirational conclusion, the author offers advice and practical guidelines for those who would like to establish a group of their own.

Ellen Daniell is a writer and consultant. She was assistant professor of molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and has held management positions in human resources and patent licensing in the biotechnology industry.

“Ellen Daniell’s book is extraordinarily interesting, articulate, timely, moving, and inspiring. It will be of absorbing interest to a great many women (and men who are interested) in any of a variety of professional settings.”—Elizabeth Blackburn, University of California, San Francisco

"In an era in which science, especially biological science, tends to be portrayed as a series of exciting, mind-boggling, disease-curing, and even ethically disturbing discoveries, this book returns attention to the human strains of being a scientist, especially a woman scientist, in an academic environment that increasingly places extraordinary demands on its denizens." —Harold Varmus, President, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  

"In a clear, readable style, Ellen Daniell provides an understanding of how a group like hers can assist members with difficult decisions in both the workplace and personal life."—Joan A. Steitz, Yale University

"Daniell writes with great style. Fascinating reading."—Margaret Lowman, author of Life in the Treetops and It's a Jungle Out There

"This is an excellent book. I wish I had had a copy to read when I started my career."—Rita Colwell, University of Maryland 

"This book addresses issues faced by all working women." —Shirley Tilghman, President, Princeton University

"Every Other Thursday is brilliant. This is a page-turner for scientists and psychologists, for professors and for students who would be professors."—Thomas Cech, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

 “Daniell’s sharp writing style and focus make this a pleasurable and informative read.”—Booklist

“Empowering...The support system described would be very valuable in a wide variety of venues. Highly recommended.”—Library Journal

"I heartily recommend this book. It has pathos, humor, and a good take-home lesson; what more could you want? I predict that when you read it, you probably will want to start such a group yourself."—Laura L. Mays Hoopes, Association for Women in Science
ISBN: 9780300510843
Publication Date: July 1, 2008
304 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4