The Dawn of Eurasia


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On the Trail of the New World Order

Bruno Maçães

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A bold, eye-opening account of the coming integration of Europe and Asia

Weaving together history, diplomacy, and vivid personal narratives from his overland journey across Eurasia from Baku to Samarkand, Vladivostok to Beijing, Bruno Maçães provides a fascinating portrait of the shifting borderlands between Europe and Asia, tracking the economic integration of the two continents into a new supercontinent: Eurasia.

As Maçães demonstrates, glimpses of the coming Eurasianism are already visible in China’s bold infrastructure project reopening the historic Silk Road, in the success of cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, in Turkey’s increasing global role, and in shifting U.S. foreign policy toward Europe and Asia. This insightful and clarifying book argues that the artificial separation of the world’s largest island cannot hold.

Bruno Maçães is currently a senior advisor at Flint Global in London, where he advises companies on international political and regulatory issues, and a senior fellow at Renmin University, Beijing, and the Hudson Institute in Washington.

“Bruno Maçães announces a new order for the 21st century—but it won’t be ruled from the United States if we can’t think beyond the oceans that have always defined Anglo-American politics.”—Peter Thiel, entrepreneur, investor, and bestselling author of Zero to One

“Maçães deftly navigates beyond the traditional dichotomy of the prevalent global balance of powers and, with the skill of a seasoned pundit, offers the exciting possibilities of a world readjusting to a new geopolitical architecture. An absorbing read.”--Shashi Tharoor, author of Inglorious Empire

“Part history, part travel-guide, and part political treatise, Maçães makes sense of our fracturing world in ways very few others could. That he does so with such style is nothing short of impressive.”--Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of the Eurasia Group

“Brilliant, bold and beautifully told, The Dawn of Eurasia reveals world geopolitics like an unputdownable thriller. Seen from Brussels, Beijing, and everywhere from Istanbul to Almaty and in between, this is the extraordinary journey teeming with Russian spies, Chinese thinkers, Turkish radicals and Iranian artists. This is a profound piece of political thinking as comfortable with Russian and Chinese ideas, as it is with exposing the limits of our own.”--Ben Judah, author of This Is London: Life and Death in the World City

“Maçães skilfully guides his readers beyond the dangerous and increasing parochialism that dominates each country's news, demonstrating a serious grasp of grander strategies and deeper shifts ... He is a knowledgeable, widely read and widely travelled guide.”--Douglas Murray, the Times

“Maçães mixes his academic analysis with skilful reportage drawn from his travels. This makes the book both more entertaining and more convincing. As well as being a shrewd geopolitical analyst, Maçães is a gifted travel writer, with a sharp eye and a dry wit ... The concept of Eurasia is re-emerging from the history books to become a central concern of contemporary politics. Maçães is one of the first authors to explore the significance of this development and he is a consistently interesting guide.”--Gideon Rachman, the Financial Times

“Filled with observations and insights gathered while travelling across Eurasia, Bruno Maçães's account sets out why we are at the start of a new era in global affairs. An informative and perceptive guide, Maçães introduces regions, peoples and countries that few pay attention to. In the changing world of the 21st century, understanding Eurasia is more important than ever. This book helps prepare for the world of tomorrow, today.”--Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

“Subtle, brilliant essayistic points about the future of world politics leap off the pages of this utterly original travelogue. There are few better people to listen to than Bruno Maçães regarding our current historical juncture.”--Robert D. Kaplan, author of The Revenge of Geography and The Return of Marco Polo's World
ISBN: 9780300235937
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
304 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
29 b/w illus.

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