The Empire of the Eagle


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An Illustrated Natural History

Mike Unwin and David Tipling

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A lavishly illustrated celebration of each of the world’s sixty-eight currently recognized eagle species in all their magnificence and beguiling diversity

Eagles hold a unique allure among birds for their combination of power, grace, and predatory prowess. Captivating the human imagination, these raptors have symbolized pride, freedom, and independence of spirit since humankind’s earliest times. This book, unlike any previous volume, encompasses each of the world’s sixty-eight currently recognized eagle species, from the huge Steller’s Sea-eagle that soars above Japan’s winter ice floes to the diminutive Little Eagle that hunts over the Australian outback. Mike Unwin’s vivid and authoritative descriptions combined with stunning photographs taken or curated by David Tipling deliver a fascinating and awe-inspiring volume.
Featuring chapters organized by habitat, the book investigates the lifestyle and unique adaptations of each eagle species, as well as the significance of eagles in world cultures and the threats they face from humans. A gorgeous appreciation of eagles, this book will dazzle both eye and imagination.

Mike Unwin, a celebrated wildlife and travel writer known for his books and journalism, is also a photographer, illustrator, and popular speaker. David Tipling is renowned for his wildlife photographs and writings and is coauthor of the critically acclaimed Birds & People.

“The term Eagle brings with it a certain majesty and respect, an allure that the authors have captured through amazing pictures and illustrative anecdotes and historical reverence…It brings to light the need for awareness and education if we hope to continue to appreciate the species we have.”—Brett Ewald, Program Director, Cape May Bird Observatory

“A delightful book, full of amazing photographs and interesting new information on taxonomy and behavior”—Stephen Bodio, author of An Eternity of Eagles: The Human History of the Most Fascinating Bird in the World

“A singular effort. Unwin and Tipling have assembled a spectacular account of the eagles of the world. The vitality and beauty of these species are powerfully conveyed in the photographs with narrative accounts celebrating their irreplaceable presence throughout the natural world.”—Tony Angell, author of The House of Owls and co-author of In the Company of Crows and Ravens

"The Empire of the Eagle couples detailed text on the vital statistics, behavior, and habitats of the sixty-eight recognized eagle species with marvelous telephoto images of the predators at rest, in flight, and on the hunt."—Natural History
ISBN: 9780300232899
Publication Date: November 13, 2018
288 pages, 9 1/4 x 11 3/8
400 color illus.
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