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A Manual for the Identification of Native and Naturalized Higher Vascular Plants of New England

Arthur Haines; Illustrated by Elizabeth Farnsworth and Gordon Morrison

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An indispensable, fully updated guide for everyone interested in identifying, studying, or conserving the flora of New England

This comprehensive manual offers accurate, up-to-date, and clear information for identifying New England's remarkable array of tracheophytes (vascular plants, excluding mosses). With fully researched entries on some 3,500 native and nonnative species, the book is the first in decades to provide a complete and correct botanical reference for the region's noncultivated plants. The volume includes many new species not documented in New England before, while also excluding many species that have erroneously appeared in earlier manuals.

Focusing on the taxonomy and distribution of New England plants, the manual is largely dedicated to identification keys and to species entries that provide scientific name, origin, regional conservation ranking, common name, synonyms, distribution, ecology, and other miscellaneous items of interest. Nearly one-third of the entries are accompanied by helpful black-and-white line illustrations.

Additional special features:

  • Precise distribution information, accurate to the state level
  • Details on unusual plant groups not included in other sources
  • Reliable and versatile keys for identification
  • Tips on recognizing hybrid plants in the field
  • A companion interactive teaching Web site (under development)
  • Comprehensive glossary

Arthur Haines is research botanist, New England Wild Flower Society, and curator, Delta Institute of Natural History Herbarium. He lives in Bowdoin, ME. Elizabeth Farnsworth is senior research ecologist, New England Wild Flower Society, and a widely published scientific illustrator and writer. She lives in Royalston, MA. Gordon Morrison is a prize-winning freelance artist, writer, and naturalist and illustrator of many children's books and natural history guides, including Bald Eagle, Pond, Newcomb's Wildflower Guide, and A Field Guide to Eastern Forests. He lives in Royalston, MA. New England Wild Flower Society, based in Framingham, MA, is the oldest plant conservation organization in North America.

"Arthur Haines' up-to-date, meticulously researched manual will be the standard work on the flora of New England for decades to come [and] the well-thumbed companion of every serious botanist in New England and of much interest to those practicing in adjacent areas."—Robert Bertin, Professor of Biology, College of the Holy Cross

Flora Novae Angliae is the most comprehensive treatment to date of the identification, geographic distributions, and habitats of New England’s plants.  Most impressive is the careful documentation of state-based plant distributions.”—Robert Naczi, The New York Botanical Garden

“At long last, a new Flora of New England! Teaching plants and learning about them using an up-to-date flora is a pleasure that New Englanders have long done without."— Dr. A.A. Reznicek, University of Michigan Herbarium


"The study of floristics has captivated interest of New England botanists for generations, but rarely has that interest culminated in the production of such a marvelous new work as New England Wild Flower Society’s Flora Novae Angliae. This is unique flora, differing substantially from all before it by its easy use of keys, beautifully detailed illustrations, thoroughness of treatment, and precision of details. Arthur Haines deserves great credit for his careful analyses of the New England flora and his obvious knowledge of the plants that occur there. Flora Novae Angliae is an important and insightful work, filled with many new and provocative taxonomic conclusions that are certain to challenge traditional taxonomic dogma."—Dr. John Kartesz, Director BONAP

"Arthur Haines’s Flora Novae-Angliae provides a long-awaited, updated account of New England’s flora -- accessible, illustrated, and modern, reflecting recent taxonomic changes, newly naturalized alien components, and discoveries."—Alan Weakley, Curator, University of North Carolina Herbarium (NCU), North Carolina Botanical Garden

"Arthur Haines has written a remarkable flora, one that at once provides a useful and accessible technical resource for identifying plants in the flora of New England and at the same time brings to our knowledge of the flora a taxonomy that reflects the latest taxonomic inaugurations arising from the availability of modern molecular datasets for analysis of plant diversity and evolution.   Mr. Haines’s impressively exhaustive knowledge of our flora is evident on every page."—David S. Barrington, Pringle Herbarium, University of Vermont

“The hefty green tome offers a complete guide for identifying upward of 3,500 native and naturalized plant species currently growing roots in six Northeastern states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)’s a pleasure just to page through the illustrations: black-and-white drawings that look a bit like extraterrestrial creepy-crawlies.”—Aaron Leitko, Washington Post

"Based on almost ten years of empirical field research by Haines (Ancestral Plants), this guide represents a comprehensive update to and revision of significantly outdated and inaccurate subject research. . . . Stunning, margin-bound scientific drawings by Farnsworth and Morrison beautifully clarify the written descriptions. . . . Recommended for botanists and extremely knowledgeable enthusiasts."—Library Journal 

“Stunning, margin-bound scientific drawings by Farnsworth and Morrison beautifully clarify the written descriptions. Even with the helpful glossary, field-specific terms make this inaccessible for lay readers. Recommended for botanists and extremely knowledgeable enthusiasts.”—Library Journal
ISBN: 9780300171549
Publication Date: November 8, 2011
1008 pages, 7 x 9 1/4
945 b/w illus.
A Field Guide to the Ants of New England

Aaron M. Ellison, Nicholas J. Gotelli, Elizabeth J.

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