An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories


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Volume 2

Edited by Ivan Brunetti

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Ivan Brunetti returns with a new selection of 20th and 21st-century comic creations by some of the most original artists in the medium

Comic art is a vital, highly personal art form in which change—rapid and unpredictable—is the norm. In this exciting new anthology, comic artist Ivan Brunetti focuses on very recent works by contemporary artists engaged in this world of change. These outstanding cartoonists, selected by Brunetti for their graphic sophistication and literary style, are both expanding and transforming the vocabulary of their genre.

The book presents contemporary art comics produced by 75 artists, along with some classic comic strips and other related fine art and historical materials. Brunetti arranges the book to reflect the creative process itself, connecting stories and art to each other in surprising ways: nonlinear, elliptical, sometimes whimsical, even poetic. He emphasizes continuity from piece to piece, weaving themes and motifs throughout the volume.

As gorgeously produced as Brunetti’s previous anthology of graphic fiction, this book does full justice to the creative work of Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Gary Panter, and the other prominent or emerging comic artists who are currently at work at the cutting edge of their medium.

Ivan Brunetti teaches at Columbia College Chicago and the University of Chicago. He has published four issues in his comic book series Schizo; two collections of cartoons, Haw! and Hee!; and numerous comics and illustrations for magazines ranging from the New Yorker to Mother Jones and the Comics Journal. He lives in Chicago.

"This is the world of comics . . . at its liveliest."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"An engaging, provocative, and valuable survey."—Booklist

“Brunetti's second collection of his favorite cartoonists’ work is even better than the first . . . Nearly every piece is a killer . . . [The book is] an investigation of unsettling, mind-opening places where only comics can travel.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"One of the most stunning—and smartly assembled—anthologies I've ever seen."—Eric Reynolds, FLOG! The Fantagraphics Blog

"Deeply engaged, personal, and unbelievably gorgeous. . . . The best anthology of its kind."—Jared Gardner, Gutter Geek

“Invaluable [and] idiosyncratic . . . Brunetti includes under-the-radar surprises . . . and draws consistently fascinating connections between pieces.”—Cliff Froehlich, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Brunetti has a genius for sequencing. . . . Like almost any good comic, these anthologies flow."—Richard Gehr, The Village Voice (online)

"Brunetti takes another idiosyncratic journey through the medium with this stunning anthology of some of the best stories of the past 30 years."—Publishers Weekly (list of graphic gift books)

"Another far-reaching set of comics that range from the 1920s to 2008. As with the first book, the genius of this second Anthology is in its organization, which groups pieces not by year or subject, but by association. . . . A."—Onion A.V. Club

"One of the finest collections I've come across this year."—Chris Mautner, Newsarama (Blog)

“Good grief, what a book this is—a hyperactive, periodically insane dive into the archaeology of alternative comics, the sort of book you long to present to people with no interest in the medium and watch as it removes the top of their heads and gives their brains a good stir. . . . Each page has something new, upsetting, wonderful on it, which makes it, along with the equally gigantic vol. 1, pretty much unbeatable.”—Independent on Sunday

"I have a feeling the two [anthologies] will stay in print forever and will have a life in and outside college classrooms for as long as comics remain on the cultural radar. I always refer people to them whenever anyone is curious about the broader landscape of 'literary' or 'art' comics or whatever you want to call what people like me make."—David Heatley (from his website)

"Brunetti has demonstrated near-impeccable taste in assembling a stellar lineup of indie comics. Thought the first volume from 2006 was excellent? Well, it was, but this sequel manages to surpass it. . . . [This book] stands for quality—in storytelling, in drawing, in presentation and in championing and forwarding a movement too often marginalized and maligned by mainstream popular culture. Do your part to fight the good fight by purchasing this incredible collection."—Rod Lott, bookgasm

"If the Daniel Clowes cover intrigues you, and you want to a good introduction to the odder and more idiosyncratic side of comics today, there are few guides more knowledgeable than Brunetti, and few books more useful than his Anthologies."—Andrew Wheeler, ComicMix

"Ivan Brunetti has topped himself this year. . . . A mad and intimate ride through the North American comics scene of the last 5 years. It's an intuitive roller coaster of a read, foregoing cataloguing the diverse comics to a non-linear reading experience that speaks from the heart instead of the head. This is Brunetti's  love fest to all comics and non-comics readers."—Bart Croomenborghs, Broken Frontier

"The best things about this anthology are that the stories come not only from a multitude of artists but a multitude of generations as well and that many of the stories are highly readable. . . . There are some real gems in the anthology."—EN/SANE World

"A browser's delight."—Jeremy N. Smith, Newsday

“Massive . . . sprawling . . . a great intro for the uninitiated but curious.”—John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript

“[Brunetti] has a good eye for his fellow linesmiths’ signature pieces, which are presented as a free-associative collage . . . [and] convey a vibrant impression of the complexity, vigour and diversity of the medium.”—Australian Literary Review

"This beautifully designed book is a showcase of some of the most innovative, startling, and imaginative modern comics in North America. The book is destined to be much browsed. . . . Recommended."—Choice

"A collection that does for anti-commercial comics what the Oxford Anthology of English Verse does for poetry. . . kaleidoscopically varied [and] almost universally risky . . . . Here is all the vigorousness of a new art form. Rather than defining a time, this collection will defy it."—Richard von Busack, Metro (San Jose)

"These kick-ass comics anthologies feature a murderer’s row of all-time greats both famous and obscure . . . Perfect both for comics buffs and newbies alike."—Toyfare

"The selections from some 85 cartoonists, all exquisite in their depth and imagination, flow together in transitions sometimes based on content, sometimes on mood, sometimes on style."—Bill Kohlhaase, OC Weekly (Glendale, California)

“[A] hefty, satisfying second installment . . . Visually, this book is a stunner.”—Katie Haegele, Santa Barbara News-Press

“I urge you to check out An Anthology of Graphic Fiction & True Stories (both volumes), edited by Brunetti and published by Yale University Press. They're certainly two of the best anthologies I've seen in recent years.”—Whitney Matheson, USA Today “Pop Candy” blog

ISBN: 9780300126716
Publication Date: October 21, 2008
400 pages, 7 3/8 x 10


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