William Frucht


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Executive Editor for Political Science and Law

I am interested in imaginative, groundbreaking work on constitutional law, the larger questions of international relations, the social implications of economic ideas, the current state of U.S. politics and where it is taking us, and certain aspects of U.S. political history, especially the evolution of conservatism over the past half-century. My authors ask troubling questions, propose dangerous new ideas, or attempt to clear away the fog of mythology that prevents a clear view of the past. They include Melissa V. Harris-Perry, Erwin Chemerinsky, Peter Singer, Cass R. Sunstein, Adam Michnik, Samuel Bowles, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Timothy Garton Ash, and Michael Walzer. I edit the Yale Law Library Series in Legal History and Reference, the Henry L. Stimson Lectures Series, and the Yale-Templeton series Foundational Questions in Science.