Jaya Aninda Chatterjee


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Editor for World History, Geopolitics, and International Relations

I seek and commission books from scholars, policy analysts at research centers and think tanks, and long-form journalists whose work is grounded in scholarship. My authors’ expertise is recognized within their scholarly fields and, due to their media profiles, by general readers, journalists, and practitioners.

Broadly speaking, my books are both timely, uncovering the rich history that undergirds our world today, and timeless—definitive works that will have longevity in libraries and college courses. The questions they address include how archival materials drive historiography; how historical forces shape national identity; how maritime spaces have become sites of geopolitical contest throughout the course of history; how imperial expansion, colonization, and maritime trade not only created demands for commodities, but also sparked the establishment of religious communities far removed from their countries of origin, and fostered cultural reciprocity; how the lived experience of totalitarianism over decades continues to shape countries today; how the architectonics of the post-Cold war world order still influence the modern world; and how America should navigate this order to best advance its interests. In addressing these questions, my books not only advance scholarship in temporal and regional subfields, but also cross disciplinary and geographical boundaries in order to reflect global history’s transition away from the limitations of area studies.


Email Jaya: jaya.chatterjee@yale.edu

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