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James Boswell's Life of Johnson

An Edition of the Original Manuscript in Four Volumes. Volume 3: 1776-1780

James Boswell; Edited by Thomas F. Bonnell

The original manuscript of James Boswell's Life of Johnson—a composite of his basic draft and innumerable revisions—served as printer's copy, despite its maze-like appearance. This volume, third of a projected four,...

October 16, 2012, Cloth, $125.00

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 6


Samuel Johnson; Edited by ; With contributions by George Milne

In 1941, when Mr. McAdam and the late D. Nichol Smith published their edition of  Johnson's poems, no one could have foreseen the great surge in Johnsonian studies in the next generation, much less the discovery of addition...

September 10, 1965, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 10, The Debellation of Salem and Bizance

St. Thomas More; Edited by John Guy, Clarence H. Miller, and Ralph Keen

September 10, 1988, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 11, The Answer to a Poisoned Book

St. Thomas More; Edited by Clarence H. Miller and Stephen M. Foley

September 10, 1985, Cloth, $125.00

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 19

Biographical Writings: Soldiers, Scholars, and Friends

Samuel Johnson; Edited by O M Brack, Jr., and Robert DeMaria, Jr.

Well before publishing the Lives of the Poets, Samuel Johnson was an accomplished biographer, having written the lives of numerous scholars, scientists, philosophers, critics, and theologians (including Peter Burnham,...

August 23, 2016, Cloth, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 6

Volume 6: April 1, 1755 through September 24, 1756

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree

September 10, 1963, Cloth, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin

Volume 41: September 16, 1783, through February 29, 1784

Ellen R. Cohn, Editor, et al.

After the signing of the definitive peace treaty on September 3, 1783, Franklin’s official duties as minister plenipotentiary diminished. He concluded a draft consular convention with France, but Great Britain did not act on...

September 30, 2014, Cloth, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 37

Volume 37: March 16 through August 15, 1782

Ellen R. Cohn, Editor; Jonathan R. Dull, Senior Associate Editor; Karen Duval, Associate Editor; Judith M. Adkins, Kate M. Ohno and Michael A. Sletcher, Assistant Editors; Claude A. Lopez, Consulting Editor; Natalie S. LeSueur, Editorial Assistant

This book, encompassing five months during 1782, promises to be one of the most significant volumes in the entire series of Benjamin Franklin’s papers. Between March and August, Franklin mastered one of the greatest...

February 9, 2004, Cloth, $125.00

The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 13

Volume 13: The "Miscellanies", Entry Nos. a-z, aa-zz, 1-500

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Thomas A. Schafer

This book begins the publication of Jonathan Edwards's personal theological notebooks, called collectively the "Miscellanies." The entries in Volume 13 span the early years of Edwards's ministry, (1722-1731) and range...

December 28, 1994, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 13, Treatise on the Passion, Treatise on the Blessed Body, Instructions and Prayers

St. Thomas More; Edited by Garry E. Haupt

September 10, 1976, Cloth, $125.00