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The True Cost of Britain’s Afghan War

Frank Ledwidge

Elizabethan Privateer

James McDermott

Beyond the Public Poetry

R. O. A. M. Lyne

War in the Horn of Africa

Gebru Tareke

Spain and America at La Isabela, 1493-1498

Kathleen Deagan and José María Cruxent

Post-War Crime and Violence in Britain, 1748-53

Nicholas Rogers

Stephen Saunders Webb

Twelve Days that Began a World War

Evan Mawdsley

Master of the Seas

Frank McLynn

Disaster into Triumph, 1942-45

Frank McLynn

Order, Justice, and Conciliation in Contemporary Post-Conflict

Eric D. Patterson

Queen of France, Queen of England

Ralph V. Turner

JPL and the American Space Program, 1976-2004

Peter J. Westwick

The Cabinet War Rooms and the Culture of Secrecy in Wartime London

Richard Holmes

Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Military-Industrial Complex

James Ledbetter

Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941-1945

Edited by Peter Kort Zegers and Douglas W. Druick; With...

Designing and Building for the Second World War

Jean-Louis Cohen