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The Pagans' Apostle

Paula Fredriksen

On Wayward Gifts, Characteristic Damage, and Sin

Lauren F. Winner

The Bible's Traumatic Origins

David M. Carr

The Early Modern World, 1450-1650

Carlos M. N. Eire

The Religious Life of a Founding Father

Thomas S. Kidd

A History of the English Reformation

Peter Marshall

Poland, France, and "Revolution," 1891-1956

Piotr H. Kosicki

The Conversion of Britain from Alban to Bede

Malcolm Lambert

Ideology, the Bible, and the Early Christians

David Wheeler-Reed

Memory and Time from Mark to Luke-Acts

Eve-Marie Becker

The Pagans' Apostle

Paula Fredriksen

The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America

Catherine A. Brekus

Edited by Catherine A. Brekus

Food and the Formation of the Soul in Early Christianity

John David Penniman

The Religious Life of a Founding Father

Thomas S. Kidd

The Meaning of Scripture in the Twenty-first Century

Dale B. Martin

The Rebirth of Orthodoxy in the New Russia

John P. Burgess

Restoring Our Democratic Ideals

Burton L. Mack

Gift Exchange in the Letters of Paul of Tarsus

Thomas R. Blanton, IV